When you supply a commodity product to the international market, your income depends on commodity prices. But not only.

Despite having no control over market conditions, you may create and capture more value by selling Supply Chain Solutions instead of raw materials. This requires reducing operational dependence on intermediaries, growing sales to end-users and most profitable market segments, and managing costs and risks in accordance with best industry practices.

These challenges are real but not overwhelming. Together, we may bridge the gaps and make your international business more resilient and profitable.

Eighty percent of success is showing up

Woody Allen


Three factors improving your bottom line:


Integrated sales and services


Integrated export finance


Integrated risk management

Intertrade Dynamics may accelerate your business development along these lines.

We help commodity exporters leverage global markets to increase profitability of international business.

When it is time to move up the value chain, we help make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.




Direct access to global markets

More value added

Higher profit margins



Global sourcing of corporate finance

Increased borrowing base and credit capacity

Reduced financing costs



Diversified risks

Improved competitiveness

Increased shareholder value

One team, many possibilities:

Ruslan Kharlamov


Ruslan has more than two decades of international trade and business development experience.
Prior to Intertrade Dynamics, he managed an international trading company with $1–$2 billion annual sales.

Carlo Gorini


Carlo has decades of international banking experience.
Prior to Intertrade Dynamics, he managed a credit portfolio of more than $1 billion at the world’s largest commodity finance bank.

Dominique Cantoni


Dominique has decades of international shipping, chartering, and ship management experience.
He brings to the team well-rounded expertise in world shipping and international shipping law.

You can expect from us:


As outsiders, we provide impartial analysis of business opportunities in relation to your resources and long-term objectives.


Our expertise spans all aspects of international commodity trade and commodity finance.


As down-to-earth practitioners, we preach what we practice, not the other way around.


We energize and motivate people around us because we like what we do.

Full alignment

To prevent conflicts of interest, we never work for competing organizations at the same time.


Seeing the big picture helps us speak plain language, decode complexity, and simplify your decision-making.

Gain insight


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