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If your annual sales to foreign markets exceed $50m and you wish to export more profitably, then we should talk.

As a rule, business cases that we tackle revolve around three premises:

You are a node in supply chains that are overcomplicated and/or cluttered with conflicts of interest. As a result, layers of intermediaries erode margins while your products are marketed in a way that solidifies a few lucky ones’ exclusive access to economic buyers.

Nobody can sell your product better than yourself. First domestically, then globally.


Across industries, modern customers don’t buy materials—they require solutions. At a minimum, these consist of a physical product bundled with financial, logistics, and risk management services, increasingly complemented by ESG compliance and technological integration.

Embedding services into product offerings moves your business up the value chain and drives up margins.

The more you depend on others to bring your merchandise to the marketplace, the lower bargaining power you have in commercial negotiations.

Operational dependence invariably translates into commercial weakness. And the other way around.

How to tackle these issues?


a commodity product with value-adding services;


from marketing materials to bespoke supply chain solutions;


export sales on most profitable markets and market segments;


security of global operations.

Our completed projects showcase how short-term investments in these capabilities yield long-term rewards.

Change before you have to

Jack Welch

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