Export 2.0

Barring speculation, your income depends on market dynamics, service capabilities, and business processes:

Market dynamics

Relationship between product quality, global market prices, and production costs

Service capabilities

Ability to bundle a commodity product with personalized customer services

Business processes

Comparative efficiency of commercial strategy and daily operations

Globalization removes the barriers between domestic and foreign markets and offers new opportunities to commodity exporters:

Commercial freedom

  • Reducing operational dependence on intermediaries;

  • Taking control of international business development and sales.

Value creation

  • Developing customer service capabilities;

  • Building and selling supply chain solutions instead of “mere” commodities.


Operational efficiency

  • Maximizing sales to end-users and most profitable market segments;

  • Lowering transactional costs and risks in accordance with best industry practices.

The convergence of production and distribution helped many exporters move up the global value chain—that is, leverage international financial and capital markets, create and capture more value, and grow revenue and profit, among other things.

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To change what you get you must change who you are

Vernon Howard

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