Trade and pre-export finance

Global sourcing of structured trade and commodity finance will help you grow credit capacity, better manage working capital, and unlock new strategic opportunities.

We offer a ready-made platform to:

Source pre-export, inventory, shipment, receivables, and other forms of structured and transactional commodity finance on best available terms;

Design and implement financing structures to grow borrowing base and credit capacity, and lower cost of corporate finance;

Develop relationships with international banks and specialized commodity financiers while ensuring regulatory compliance;

Arrange credit facilities, benchmark and improve financing terms and conditions;

Ensure compliance of accounting, reporting, and controlling functions with international standards;

Fully or partially outsource financial structuring, relationship management, and treasury operations during project implementation;

Develop professional competencies and set up systems to ensure flawless execution of international financial operations.



A Swiss office and experienced team seamlessly integrated into your organizational structure.


Proven methodology, professional networks, and reputational capital deployed in your project planning and execution.


Lifetime advisory support following successful completion of your project.

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