What we do

Intertrade Dynamics is a Swiss company specializing in forward integration of international trading operations. We help exporters grow profitability by leveraging global commodity and financial markets and appropriating more value along their supply chains.

Our solutions facilitate the following activities:



export sales to end-users and most profitable market segments;


transactional, structured, and pre-export commodity finance;


financial, logistics, and risk management services required by international customers;

Setting up

systems and teams to grow international business securely and profitably.




Direct access to global markets

More value added

Higher profit margins



Global sourcing of corporate finance

Increased borrowing base and credit capacity

Reduced financing costs



Diversified risks

Improved competitiveness

Increased shareholder value

Intertrade Dynamics may accelerate the evolution of your commodity business along these lines. We develop and integrate the functions of international sales, corporate marketing, commodity finance, risk management, and customer services into your Value Adding Machine.

We may help:

Impartially analyze business opportunities in relation to your resources and long-term objectives;

Develop and implement strategies to unlock the full potential of your commodity business;

Mitigate market volatility and international trade risks;

Split complex projects into actionable tasks and catalyze organizational development.

As international trade and commodity finance practitioners, we are part of the market landscape on both the demand and supply side. We are naturally positioned to spot business opportunities early, and we help pursue these opportunities ahead of the competition.

When it is time to move up the global value chain, we can help you make the right decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

They succeed, because they think they can



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E: info@intertradedynamics.com

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